Election Day Tomorrow: Don’t Forget To VOTE

The winner of the most dramatic presidential election I’ve lived through will be determined tomorrow after America gets the chance to cast their ballots. As a reminder, VOTE. Click here to confirm your voting location.

I voted via absentee ballot last month for Hillary Clinton. Hillary is without a doubt the most qualified candidate to be commander-in-chief of the oval office. While I know she is not perfect, I do believe she is the lesser of the two evils. She has 30+ years of experience serving the American people, along with spending 8 years of her life living in the White House as First Lady to former President Bill Clinton. She has the temperament to lead the country in the right direction and I have confidence that she will be an incredible leader. 

“Don’t boo, VOTE.” – Barack Obama 


Essentials For Surviving Winter in NYC

Winter is coming….

After surviving my first NYC winter, I am feeling a lot more prepared about this upcoming winter than last year. Although it probably isn’t as cold as Boston or Chicago, NYC can get pretty darn cold around this time of the year. Having the right products will make this winter season a lot more bearable. Take a look at some of my suggestions below:

Canada Goose Down Jacket, Bloomingdales $950
Canada Goose Down Jacket, Bloomingdales $950

The #1 most important winter essential is a big, warm, down parka jacket. I know the price tag can look pretty intimidating, but most New Yorkers will tell you that it’s worth the investment. Canada Goose is the brand you will probably see the most this season and this jacket will not disappoint you.

Sorel Snow Boots, sold here $94.90
Sorel Snow Boots, sold here $94.90

In NYC, it is absolutely imperative to own a pair of snow boots with good traction on the soles. Ugg Boots do not count as snow boots, I know from experience last year… You need to find a nice pair of snow/water proof boots with the fur inside that will keep you from slipping on ice and snow. 

Kashwere Solid Malt Throw Blanket, sold here for $154
Kashwere Solid Malt Throw Blanket, sold here for $154

There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a big, soft, warm blanket after a long, cold day. I have always been a fan of Kashwere’s products. They also make socks and robes that are equally as comfy. 

North Face Etip Gloves (iPhone screen friendly), sold here for $29
North Face Etip Gloves (iPhone screen friendly), sold here for $29

Having a good pair of gloves is probably the second most important winter essential. A good pair of gloves will make your life 1000 times miserable when it’s 20 degrees outside. And if you are constantly glued to your phone like I am, I definitely suggest investing in a pair of etip gloves, which allow you to use your iPhone without having to take them off. 

Pom-Pom Hat Faux Fur, from J.Crew for $35.50 
Pom-Pom Hat Faux Fur, from J.Crew for $35.50 

When the temperatures drop below freezing, I can guarantee you that a hat will make you feel warmer instantly. Last year, every single 20-something girl in the city had on cute Pom-Pom hats, not just to make a statement, but also because you need to wear a hat if you want to survive in the winter. I don’t see the Pom-Pom hat trend dying down anytime soon. 

Enjoy the remainder of the fall weather while you can! 



TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is a Reality TV Hidden Gem

After the season finale of the Bachelor in Paradise, I have been incredibly bored and un-entertained by any shows on TV. I used to be a big fan of the Real Housewives and anything on Bravo, but I haven’t been able to get into any of the new seasons, plus watching a bunch of middle-aged, plasticized, entitled bimbos fighting and throwing wine at each other gets old after a while. Aside from the presidential election debates (more entertaining than any Real Housewives series), my reality tv fix has not been met…until I discovered 90 Day Fiance on TLC. If you are looking for a reality show with as many trainwrecks as Bachelor in Paradise, this is your show. 

Nicole and Azan interacting with Azan's family in Morocco.
Nicole and Azan interacting with Azan’s family in Morocco.

I was flipping through the channels recently and settled on watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC, despite the internal panic and anxiety that show causes me, also reminding me of my relationship status: single and my 25th birthday, which is rapidly approaching. I also like to have a show playing in the background that doesn’t require much thought or attention while I scroll through my phone at the end of the day. Once the show ended, an episode of 90 Day Fiance aired and I couldn’t help but put down my phone and immerse myself in the trainwreck that was happening right before my eyes. 

Alla and Matt meeting each other at the airport in America. 
Alla and Matt meeting each other at the airport in America. 

The premise of the show, which has apparently been around for four seasons, is to document the lives of real-life couples who are dating people from outside of the country. Most of the foreigners end up coming to the US on a K-1 visa, which is issued to couples who are engaged and requires the foreigner to marry their partner within 90 days or else they must return back to their country. TLC follows 5 couples who are engaged and hoping to find happiness and marry by the 90 day period. Most of the couples met via online dating sites and a some had not even met in person before filming, which is always a red flag, especially since they are “engaged”. 

Nicole and Azan

Azan and Nicole
Azan and Nicole

Nicole and Azan are one of the more entertaining couples on the show. Nicole is from Florida and met Azan online, who lives in Morocco. Before filming, Nicole and Azan had never met in person. And although I do not think Nicole catfished Azan (they facetime and skyped regularly), I do believe he was not fully aware of her larger body shape before they met. Nicole is 22 years old and has a daughter from a previous relationship. Azan is an attractive 24 year old man living in Morocco and proposed to Nicole before even meeting her in person. Nicole decides to go visit him in Morocco before they make the decision on Azan moving to the US for good. Nicole is probably the stereotype that many foreigners associate Americans to be like: overweight, ignorant, fast-food lover, and dumb. Nicole also happens to need constant affection and is clingy AF, which will surely cause a stir in Morocco, where PDA in public is discouraged. Nicole arrives in Morocco not knowing anything about the Islamic culture, expecting it to be just like America. Her parents are concerned that the relationship between them is too good to be true and that she will be left brokenhearted when he sees her in person. Azan’s first glimpse at Nicole when he meets her in the airport is troubling. He admits he did not expect her to be so big. However, he seems to truly have feelings for her, despite her unattractive appearance. I will keep you posted on how the next few episodes play out with this odd couple. All I can say is it is VERY entertaining.

Jorge and Anfisa

Anfisa and Jorge
Anfisa and Jorge

Jorge and Anfisa are probably the most controversial couple of the season. Jorge is a heavy-set 26 year old living in Los Angeles and works for a company that provides medical marijuana, He claims to make 6-figures and believes his business will become even more successful when marijuana laws become less strict. Anfisa is a Russian 20 year old who is drawn to Jorge for one thing and one thing only: money. She is a beautiful, flashy girl who caught Jorge’s eyes on Facebook. Although the couple had met in person prior to filming, it appears that the reason why she ever gave him a chance was for free ride to luxurious resorts around the world. Anfisa is incredibly manipulative but Jorge is so blindly in love with her that he fails to recognize the obvious: she’s a gold digger. The first episode shows Anfisa throwing a fit and refusing to come to the US because he will not buy her the $10,000 Chanel purse she wants. After a dramatic series of events, Anfisa finally arrives to the US for Jorge. Jorge’s family are obviously very concerned about him being taken advantage of her and do not approve of the relationship. And although there are some scenes where they do appear to be affectionate towards each other, most of the time Anfisa is scheming for her next expensive purchase while Jorge helplessly complies to her excessive demands. She even asks him for a $10,000 monthly allowance. Not to mention, she tries to get him to buy her a $45,000 wedding dress in one of the later episodes. Stay tuned for more dysfunction from this “couple”.

The Other Couples

Chantel and Pedro
Chantel and Pedro

There are 3 more couples that appear on the show. Chantel and Pedro, Alla and Matt, and Narkyia and Olulowo. Chantel and Pedro have a huge language barrier between them, which causes issues and miscommunication. Also, her parents are highly critical of Pedro and think he is with Chantel for all the wrong reasons. Alla is another mail-order-bride who genuinely seems to care about Matt, despite the fact he’s been married three times before. Alla brings her young son with her to the US to live with Matt. Matt’s family are also concerned with Alla’s full intentions on relocating to the US. Narkyia and Olulowo are another couple who have never met in person. Olulowo “catfished” Narkyia by lying about living in Alabama, when he was actually in Vietnam. Her friends and family are worried that he has been hiding even more lies from Narkyia.  I will follow-up on each of their love journeys as I continue watching the show, which I highly recommend! 

Narkyia and Olulowo
Narkyia and Olulowo

I definitely suggest tuning into this show, every Sunday at 9pm EST on TLC. You won’t regret it. Stay tuned for more on reality tv and entertainment.




Josie Natori RTW Spring 2017 Fashion Presentation

Last night, I got the chance to attend the NYFW Spring 2017 Presentation of the company I work for, Josie Natori. The event was held just a few blocks from my apartment at the Waterfall Mansion in the Upper East Side, which could not have been a more perfect venue to showcase the collection. I was blown away with the entire collection and so proud of the Natori team for all their hard work and also making the event such a success. Take a look at some of the gorgeous styles from the collection. 

My two favorite looks of the night are both in this picture: the middle black dress and pink silk gown. Flawless.
My two favorite looks of the night are both in this picture: the middle black dress and pink silk gown. Flawless.

The models were strategically placed throughout the venue space, which I thought was really cool. The collection is truly a work of art and it was nice to get to see the pieces up close and personal. I was huge fan of the whimsical and dainty pieces from the collection. Josie Natori’s RTW is typically known for featuring her traditional structured pieces, so it was refreshing to see a more bohemian style for spring. 

Statuesque models showing off the gorgeous designs from the collection. 
Statuesque models showing off the gorgeous designs from the collection. 

The venue was fantastic. I loved how statuesque the models looked wearing the collection. I liked how the atmosphere was casual, relaxed but also swanky at the same time. When you first walked into the venue, handsome waiters were there to hand out glasses of prosecco. Guests were then led into a long, narrow space where models were standing still and posing for pictures. I thought it was nice to have a more intimate presentation so everyone could get to appreciate the detail put into each individual ensemble. At the back of the venue, models were posed in front of a beautiful, waterfall flowing down from the 2-story ceiling. I thought the location was a perfect fit for the collection; serene, trendy, and bright. 

One of my favorite looks of the night! Love the off-the-shoulder trend.
One of my favorite looks of the night! Love the off-the-shoulder trend.
WWD and Vogue praised the “Marilyn” dress and the woven topper with embroidered flair. 
Loved the design on the presentation program. 
Loved the design on the presentation program. 

Overall, the evening was a huge success. Vogue and WWD gave the collection good reviews and were both happy to see the Josie Natori RTW collection take on a more youthful and whimsical look, while still including a few traditional structured pieces. Check out the full collection and reviews from WWD and Vogue.  

Josie Natori, looking fabulous in one of her signature collection pieces. 
Josie Natori, looking fabulous in one of her signature collection pieces. 

Bachelor Bonanza

Who’s ready for more?

ABC has given us an incredible gift after the Bachelorette season finale…BACHELOR IN PARADISE. Yes folks, we get to enjoy another 2 months of our favorite guilty pleasure reality show TWO nights a week. I have so much to talk about after the explosive season premiere of BIP last night. But first, let me recap the Bachelorette season finale.

And the winner is….

Jordan. Not a surprise at all…. He was the front runner the entire season.  He’s gone from a “Former NFL Player” (barely)… to a Sports commentator for the SEC Network and also JoJo’s fiance. Not surprised he is capitalizing on his new fame to get a real job. And although he claims he is moving to Dallas with JoJo, Jordan will be doing a lot of traveling during football season and back and forth to Charlotte, NC where the SEC Network studios are. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be as big of a phony as he seemed on the show. But I really don’t see this relationship lasting longer than 6 months… sorry JoJo. Also, why did we never hear about the real reason behind he and Aaron Rodgers’s strained relationship. Way too many red flags with this guy. I wish them the best! Hopefully JoJo likes SEC College football. 

Who will be the next Bachelor?

Unfortunately, Chris Harrison left us all hanging by not announcing the next Bachelor on After the Final Rose….the ONLY reason I stayed up to watch. My best guess is Luke Pell. I can see a lot of girls wanting to be on a season with Luke as the Bachelor. He is tall, handsome (minus the big crease on his forehead), sensitive, and mysterious. He’s also a southern boy and Iraq war veteran, which the Bachelor series could capitalize on. However, I think it’s strange that they have not made an official announcement yet because usually they start filming days after the finale of the last season. Maybe Luke is having cold feet? Maybe they are considering Chase or someone else? Either way, I don’t think Luke or Chase are charismatic enough to be the next Bachelor. JoJo’s season had a bunch of disappointing, boring bunch of guys, minus Chad. I would not be surprised if Chad gets his own reality tv spinoff, like Ben and Lauren… Let’s hope we will hear an official Bachelor announcement soon! 

Update: The new Bachelor is sleazy Nick Viall. 

Now, onto the good stuff…

Season 3 of the Bachelor in Paradise premiered last night, and boy oh boy was it a train wreck… Some of our favorite cast members have returned for a “second chance at love”, including: Lace (Ben’s season), The twins (Ben’s season), Amanda (Ben’s season), Jared (Kaitlyn’s season), Carly (Chris’s Season), and most importantly…. Chad. I was also pretty surprised to see Evan on the show. Putting Chad and Evan back together was a possibility for reality TV gold. However, things went sour for Chad on the first night in paradise. After an insanely quick hookup with Lace (“the crazy one” from Ben’s season), I thought Chad and Lace might have been a good fit for each other. However, that ended up not being the case. Chad became so belligerently drunk that he unleashed a crazy side that we never even got to witness on JoJo’s season (equally as entertaining). He said some things I’m sure he didn’t mean to say, which unfortunately were bad enough to send him home. I am really sad to see the Chad bear go so soon. But last night’s episode was so explosive and entertaining that I don’t think we could have handled an entire season of The Chad.  

I think we will have one more episode with Chad next week. From the previews, it looks like he throws an epic fit and possibly sends Evan to the emergency room? We shall have to wait and see. I am very excited that the Bachelor in Paradise will be able to fill the void of there no longer being The Bachelorette every Monday. I’m looking forward to all the craziness that this new season will surely bring!

Nicely said!
Nicely said!

Have a great week!



Random Facts About Me

Currently Employed By:

The Natori Company

All-time favorite movies

Midnight in Paris, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When Harry Met Sally, Wedding Crashers

If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be:

Kate Middleton 

Where I went to college:

University of Georgia… Go Dawgs!

Major in college:

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Fashion Merchandising, Certificate in New Media Studies

Favorite memory from college:

Saturdays in Athens (FOOTBALL)


Song that always makes me happy:

“Semi-Charmed Life” -Third Eye Blind

Favorite song of the moment:

“CANT STOP THE FEELING” – Justin Timberlake

Words of wisdom:

“Wherever you are, be all there.” 

Random fact about me:

I once had an impromptu photoshoot with Owen Wilson (I’ve got the picture to prove it!)

What I do to de-stress:

SoulCycle, running at Equinox, walks around Central Park, calling a friend to talk

Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: 

Sleep in, brunch with friends, doing something active outside or exploring the city…..and in the fall, watching college football

Celebrity Crush:

Ryan Reynolds and John Mayer

Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring?:


Dating Turn-ons:

Sense of humor, nice smile, spontaneous, accomplished, confident but not cocky, good listener, college football fan (extra points for Georgia fans), athletic, go-getter

Dating Turn-offs:

Bad texter, cheap date, insecure, not trustworthy, nonathletic, poor listener, zero personality with bad sense of humor, immature

Places I’ve Lived:

Durham, NC; Virginia Beach, VA; Paris, France; Athens, GA; New York, NY


My Personality Type:


Introvert or Extrovert:

Both, depending on the situation 

Zodiac Sign: 


Favorite thing about myself:

My intuition

Least favorite thing about myself:

Insecurities and avoidance tendencies 

Go-to drink at Starbucks:

Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha, non-fat, no whip, extra shot of espresso 

Nervous habits:

I pick my nails sometimes. I also avoid situations that are stressful to me.

What I want to be in 10 years:

Happy and accomplished 

If I could do/have any job in the world, what would it be: 

Political Commentator for CNN

Style Icons:

Sienna Miller, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively

Something people may not know about me:

 I’ve traveled all around the world! Just to name a few: Galapagos Islands in Equador, hiking up the Himalayas in Tibet, walked around the Great Wall of China in Beijing, channeled my inner Grace Kelly in Monaco and the South of France, ate some of the most incredible food in Florence and Tuscany. 

Favorite Drink:

Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio

Least Favorite Drink:

Anything with whiskey

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d be:

Dubrovnik, Croatia aka, Kings Landing (where Game of Thrones is filmed)


Bravest thing I’ve done:

Move to NYC to pursue my dream of working in Fashion PR


My biggest accomplishment, so far:

Graduating from University of Georgia (a top 25 public school in the nation) and finally getting to walk under the Arch! 

Hope everyone has gotten to know a little more about me from this post 🙂 



Bachelorette Recap: Episode 6 & 7

First off, I want to say, thank god James Taylor and short Alex are GONE. They both were not right for JoJo. Alex’s one-on-one date with Alex was so incredibly cringeworthy that I almost had to change the channel. You could tell during that entire date JoJo was not that into him…..although she did spend a lot of time making out with him, which obviously sent him the wrong message. With no rose on the date, Alex felt confident and comfortable sharing his true feelings with JoJo. However, the moment he uses the “L” word, JoJo looked like she was about to puke. Yikes! She sends him home immediately after because she doesn’t feel the same way as he does. OUCH. As Alex said in a previous episode: 

Let’s hope this is the last I have to see of Alex…he’s not even Bachelor in Paradise worthy. 

Another great thing about last night’s episode….JAMES TAYLOR GOT ELIMINATED. I honestly never understood what JoJo say in him. His behavior on the show was comparable to the way middle school girls act. He was so insecure…no offense, I’d be insecure if I were him too. It never turns out well for the contestants who spend their alone time talking about some other dude in the house. I’ve been wanting to see him gone for a long time. If only “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” had been playing in the background as James cries in the limo. Poor Derek…. although, that was a pretty clever addition to the show last week. Thanks, producers! 

Peace out, JAMES TAYLOR. Bye, Felicia. 

Next week will surely be an interesting episode because it is HOMETOWNS! The lucky four guys who get to bring JoJo home are: Jordan, Luke, Robby, and Chase. (WHY is Robby still there again?) Let’s take a closer look at each of these guys.


First off, I will say that Luke has an amazing body and I thought his first one-on-one with JoJo was super adorable, especially when they danced at the Dane+Shay concert. HOWEVER, I think he is kind of creepy and incredibly too passionate/sensitive for my liking. Also, his face is really scary. But who knows, JoJo seems to be into that kind of thing. So far, I think he is very boring and could possibly end up being a psycho/serial killer. He is a war veteran and spent time in Afghanistan, where he witnessed many tragedies. I feel like he might not be emotionally stable enough for a life-time with JoJo. I also feel like he’s going to completely lose it if he does not end up with the final rose. And if he happens to be the next Bachelor, I will boycott the show. Let’s see how his hometown date goes next week!


I don’t really have much to say about Chase. He is very blah to me. He and JoJo had an incredibly awkward one-on-one date with the couples yoga, which was super cringeworthy. I think the only reason she is keeping Chase around is because he is attractive. I was rooting for Chase during his two-on-one with Derek, which he ultimately won. He got to dance with JoJo to “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”, while Derek was crying in the limo ride home. That was kind of cruel, especially considering Derek had confessed his love for JoJo. My guess is that Chase will not make it past hometown dates. Their relationship just has not developed as much as the other guys. He’s way too bland and boring to be the next Bachelor, so I guess we’ll be seeing him on Bachelor in Paradise. 


Robby………who? The show must have cut out a lot of his time spent with JoJo because I honestly didn’t even know who he was until 2 episodes ago. He looks like a used car salesman and has the personality of an immature frat boy. Not to mention his hair/beard is disgusting and his style is just AWFUL. Also, apparently Robby had a girlfriend he dumped just before he went on the show. SKETCH. He was the first person to tell JoJo that he loves her, which is probably the only reason he’s still around. This guy is a sketchball and is not even worthy of Bachelor in Paradise. I hope he gets caught on his upcoming hometown date about his ex girlfriend. Looking forward to all the drama and tears. PS. Robby needs to join the 21st century and get rid of those horrible button downs, and spiked highlighted hair. Plus the chest hair is just a no. Moving on…..


I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jordan’s got this one in the bag. From the moment JoJo gave him the first impression rose, there has been an undeniable chemistry between the two of them and it’s pretty obvious that he is her #1 by a long shot. It is definitely possible that Jordan is not a genuine guy and using the show for his own fame. He admitted to JoJo that he and his famous brother, Aaron Rodgers, are not on speaking terms and Aaron will not be meeting JoJo on his hometown date….bummer. Jordan gave JoJo a spiel on his competitiveness with his brother, which is the closest sob story we’re going to get from him. I’m interested to see how this will all play out next week. If only Jordan could be the next Bachelor…. he’s the only one of this group suitable and charismatic enough for the position.

Lastly, I wanted to say goodbye to crying boy Derek and Wells (HOW did he even get this far again??!). We will probably see you both on Bachelor in Paradise, unfortunately. DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA. 


Current Obsession: JoJo’s Season on The Bachelorette

I have been watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette series from pretty much the first season. Although each season has always been entertaining and addicting, I have to say that Season 12 is by far my favorite of the entire series. After having her heart broken by Ben last season, JoJo is back and ready to find love. We are up to episode 6 and she has already been told by several of the men that they are falling in love with her. Based on the upcoming previews, I feel confident that JoJo will end up engaged at the end. I wanted to take this time to share why I think this season is the best of the series. 

First of all, JoJo is the perfect Bachelorette: she’s gorgeous, smart, kind, and has incredible style. She has been deemed “the hottest Bachelorette” and rightfully so. Let’s take a look at some of her best outfits so far.

Second reason why I’m obsessed with this season. CHAD. Chad is possibly the most entertaining and evil villein on the show. Unfortunately, Chad was eliminated in Episode 4… but I wanted to share some of Chad’s most iconic and quotable lines. 

“If you’re making a protein shake, made of the group of dudes here, and, y’know, blended it up… half that dude-protein-shake would have zero chance with JoJo.” -Chad, on the other men

“You’ve gone a full LIFE without seeing JoJo. You can’t wait a couple… like, a day? You can chill. She’ll be here. She’s not gonna disappear. She’s not going to get on a jet and fly away to Malaysia.” – Chad

“You’re gonna fucking die if you don’t chill out.” -Chad to Evan

“Whatever guy like me stole your girlfriend or whatever, it wasn’t me. I don’t know you. I’ve barely talked to you, and honestly, you keep bringing me up.” -Chad to Grant

“The only way I can get you to shut your mouth is to hit you in it.”-Chad

“Have a glass of milk, man, and chill out.”-Chad

And last but certainly not least…..

Looking forward to Chad’s return to the “Men Tell All”. Thanks for being you, Chad.

Third reason I’m obsessed with this season: Jordan Rodgers. He is so ridiculously attractive. Not to mention, he’s Aaron Rodgers’s brother and used to be a football star himself. Jordan received the “First Impression Rose” and had a steamy one-on-one date in Episode 5 in Uruguay. Even though Chad is not Jordan’s biggest fan-

You think this is a show. And you think you’re safe, for now. But one day, this ends. And when this ends, you go home. When you go home you think I can’t find you? You think I won’t go out of my way, to come to your house? I’m dead fucking serious.- Chad to Jordan

Even though he played as Vanderbilt’s quarterback and possibly might be a cheater, I can’t get enough of him. He’s so attractive. He and JoJo have an instant chemistry. I would not be surprised if he ends up in the final two. Crossing my fingers for you, Jordan!

Looking forward to next week’s episode…. Stay tuned! 


Three Summer Trends I’m Loving

I am officially back to blogging after a 5 month hiatus. So happy to be back! I can’t keep my thoughts to myself any longer. So much inspiration lately now that it’s summer and things in my life are finally starting to settle. I wanted to share my three favorite trends that I’ve become obsessed with this summer. All three trends have been picked up by almost every twenty-something fashionista in NYC. Here ya go! 

Sexy Lace Slip Dresses 

Okay, so I might be a little biased since I work for a women’s lingerie company, but slip dresses are EVERYTHING summer. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian have been embracing this feminine yet sultry look. With the temperatures heating up, slip dresses are light enough to keep you cool but looking hot. 

Kim Kardashian recently seen wearing a lace slip dress from Celine’s Spring 2016 Collection. 

Kim in Celine's Spring 2016 Collection
Kim in Celine’s Spring 2016 Collection

You can find Kim’s look for less with the Josie Natori Enchant Chemise. 

Josie Natori Enchant Chemise ($160)
Josie Natori Enchant Chemise ($160)

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

If you have been in NYC recently, I’m sure you have noticed almost everyone around you wearing a fresh white pair of addidas. I personally love that sneakers are now acceptable to wear with clothes other than yoga pants and gym shorts. You can pair these shoes with almost anything and still look hip and in-style. This trend has also made my feet incredibly happy! Walking around NYC in uncomfortable shoes is the worst. The only problem I have with these shoes is that they get dirty relatively quickly. But other than that, my Adidas Superstar sneakers are easily one of my favorite purchase of the year. And at a steal for only $80!

Gigi Hadid seen in her Adidas Sneakers 
Gigi Hadid seen in her Adidas Sneakers 
Adidas Superstar Sneaker ($80)
Adidas Superstar Sneaker ($80)

Black Choker

I have to admit that I was not completely obsessed with the choker trend at first. Although I am a child of the 90s, I was never a huge fan of chokers when they were cool. I always thought I looked gothic when I wore one. However, chokers have made it to the 21st century and I couldn’t be happier. I love how they can complete an average outfit into a chic and sophisticated ensemble. Another great thing about this trend…you can DIY by cutting up an old pair of black tights. I hope this trend is here to stay for a while. 

Kendall Jenner is often pictured wearing chokers. She succesfully turned an average outfit into a trendy and chic look by adding the choker. Thanks for the inspiration KJ!
Kendall Jenner is often pictured wearing chokers. She succesfully turned an average outfit into a trendy and chic look by adding the choker. Thanks for the inspiration KJ!
Recently purchased this choker from Urban Outfitters. LOVE! ($14)
Recently purchased this choker from Urban Outfitters. LOVE! ($14)

Happy Summer! Will be back next week 🙂